Custom Leather Patches **Minimum QTY is 20**

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    Your tribe, your banner.

    Be it your military unit affiliation, brand awareness, country/state flag, or a symbol drawn between friends, patches are how we identify those in our tribe and what we stand for. Steeped in meaning and history. It’s symbology you wear.

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    Your path, your patch.

    No two paths or adventures are the same and neither should your patch. No two patches are alike. Your adventure will age, shape and color your patch overtime, telling your story.

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    Rugged and premium leather.

    We only use genuine cow hide leather. We have rigorously tested our patches in all climates and conditions - from the salt waters of Florida to the mountains of Afghanistan. Our premium sourced leathers is designed to withstand everything your adventure and you can throw at it.

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  1. All custom orders are charged a $10 non refundable project set up fee.
  2. This fee is non refundable and seconds as a holding fee should your project require Artistry by one of our many talented Graphics Designers.
  3. If you ever need more of this Patch this fee will be waived. Set up fee is only for new projects.
  4. By clicking the "Accept" boxes. You acknowledge that if your art / project does not meet the following criteria...(Black and white, High Res .AI, .PNG, or similar file type.) You may be subject to additional artist fees.
  5. Should your art / logo not fit the criteria of…(Black and white fileAi / .PNG / or any other high res file type.) WE CAN STILL DO YOUR PROJECT, but understand we may have to do artistry on it. This may result in increased artists fees. YOU WILL NEVER INCUR MORE COST WITHOUT CONCENT! We will contact you with an estimated price for artistry and get your approval before moving forward.