About us

Founded in 2018 as a joke. The "Bald Bro show" was in reference to yours truly Fitch (Chris) and Hanny (Dan). Working together and joking together day in and day out. 

Two bald dudes that co-workers, bosses, and even Fitch's mom gets mixed up and confused. (Proving we were separated at birth.)

So! We are Brothers. 

But we had this idea. In our day job. We talk a ton about Brotherhood. We found it. So how could we share it? How could we bond with people and share the idea that as long as you are a good person, you belong? 

...We did what any rational person does. We made an instagram...

We started posting content of our adventures and hijinx together and people seemed to like that. Till one day we posted about a leather patch we made sorta by accident. Leather being a cool natural material with endless possibilities. Much like our thoughts on brotherhood and business. 

We began connecting with some amazing people and here we are...

The idea is this...
That no matter your background, what matters most of all is the content of your character. 
We believe in hard work, team effort, and dedication to quality in all things
We are here to mentor, support, and be the "Good dudes" you always hear about.
We also just happen to be bald...

We can be reached at: contact@baldbrosinc.com